Level Up your Design

Whether you are a seasoned design professional who wants to step up your game or a student looking for ways to improve your design skills and land a job, or whether you are only starting to feel that creative passion and want to follow it; Emmanuel has the professional background, and on field experience with following students privately , guiding them and helping them achieve their goals. 


Unleash your Talent

We are creative species and we all have that ability to create within us, although many lose touch with it . Emmanuel can help you reach for it and nurture it effectively making it a vital asset in your design game. 


Julien R.
“I carried out this training course with the aim of acquiring the basics of product design. I loved doing this training, I learned tremendously  about drawing in perspective and drawing from observation. We also worked on passing  from a 2D paper sketch to Photoshop and then to a 3D software. Emmanuel adapted perfectly to my needs and managed to understand and entirely fulfil my expectations. I am eager to start  a second training session in order to improve my design skills on projects that are under development.”
Eléonore L.
" I remember I was starting my automotive design education at Strate School of Design and was still a novice. It was intimidating sending my portfolio to an experienced designer. I received Emmanuel’s feedback a couple of days later, in an audio message format,  a smart way to communicate. I don’t remember the specific comments but I thought it was brilliant because he took the time to comment on every page by pointing out the positives, negatives and the opportunities for improvement. It was very kind and educational. I truly appreciated the process and am thankful to this day. "
Nozomi O.
" I highly appreciated the exchanges I had with Emmanuel, where he adapted his advices to my skills and needs as a design student. Few years later, I still apply these advices as a professional car designer. "
Alexis N.
“ After spending a day with us (3rd year mobility class at Strate School of Design) during our Masters Class, Emmanuel offered to give feedback to the portfolios of each student. In this way, he took the time to comment page by page, our portfolios with the aim of improving them. The feedback was accurate and precise, which was of great help to constitute a solid portfolio and obtain, at that time, an internship; and more recently to obtain my first job as an interior designer at Renault.“
Thomas C.
“ Emmanuel had a very human and kind approach with expert, in-depth, advice from a professional in the automotive industry. He immediately  gave us confidence to learn the craft and progress.”

Guillaume M.
“Emmanuel served as my exterior design tutor during my initial year of studying transportation design at Strate School of Design. Under his guidance, I learned valuable skills in sketching, mastering perspectives, and cultivating a compelling design approach. He generously shared his design techniques, enabling me to create sketches that were not only more efficient but also impactful at first glance. What I admired the most was his positive attitude and willingness to impart his knowledge. I shall forever cherish the time he devoted to correcting my portfolio to elevate my skills. Merci Emmanuel !”
Matthieu T.
“During our meetings, I learned the equivalent of 6 months of classes because the exchange with a professional, me being a young student, brought me true knowledge based on Emmanuel’s expertise and experience. It not only consisted of advice on sketches and portfolio arrangements, but also notions of coherence in the lines. The “eye” and the “touch” of each designer are very personal to themselves but Emmanuel passed on those notions during our exchanges which allowed me to enrich my design skills and to develop them further today in my position.”
Emilie S.
“ Emmanuel was a very good mentor during my first sketch courses on paper. He managed to intensify my creative spirit and to initiate me into the fundamentals of automotive design. Thanks again for the precious advice! :) “
Yann P.
 “ I appreciated a lot the human side of Emmanuel during his contributions at Strate. He positions himself at the same level as the students and takes time to analyse our projects. The exchange was always constructive, without questioning the creative work, while bringing enriching reflections / improvements.”
Steve L.
 “ I was in close contact with Emmanuel during my studies and I keep a very good memory. From ideation to sketching, he knows how to give sharp advice in order to boost our strengths and help us learn from our weaknesses, always with a goodwill and an open mind. A real support, sensitive to others.”

Mentorship structure


Accurate Observation Understanding Form
Sketching Tools
Basic 3D


Form Languages
Digital sketching
2D Rendering
Using 3D


Innovative Creativity
Critical Observation Balancing Form
Accurate 2D to 3D
Integrating AI, 2D, 3D

Master the Tools

In order to effectively express your bustling creativity, Emmanuel will guide you in the learning process of the state of the art design tools that are the right fit for you and set you on an ever improving path.


Find your Design Voice

Aspiring designers and artists usually struggle with developing their very own style and voice. There is no magic shortcut but Emmanuel will show you different methods to help you overcome that challenge and truly express yourself.

Mentorship Includes

12h mentorship ( 2h per week for 6 weeks )

Tailored one on one video/audio exchange

2 portfolio reviews

Access to exclusive design reference material

Tailored career and design industry advice

2 half an hour follow-up exchanges

Get your Break

With 15+ years of automotive design industry experience, Emmanuel is in the know of its shortcuts and pitfalls as well as its requirements. Getting the right advice can be vital whether you are an aspiring design professional, or a rookie designer.


Lead Design Ahead

It is always a good practice to reassess yourself, whether you are a rookie designer or a seasoned professional. What better way to do it than to have a collaborative input from a like minded creative. Those kinds of exchanges can push you even further ahead in your design game.



900Euro Total (excl. tax)

100Euro Spot booking (deducted from total)




Bilateral Trust

Meet your Mentor

Emmanuel leads an independent vehicle design studio based in the French Riviera. During the last 15 years he has helped shape the design of vehicles for a range of international brands such as Renault, Dacia, Alpine, Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, Amg and Smart.

He has also been several times on the jury for the masters degree at Strate School of Design in Paris where he also worked as a part time design teacher. He gave lectures at other European design universities such as Besign SDS in south of France and followed workshops at the UAD (University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca) in Romania. 

As a tailored mentor, amongst other aspects of coaching, he helps pre-students, students and design professionals to level up their design game by fine tuning their design sensibility and mastering the state of the art design tools.


Get in Touch

Phone: +33 06 40 39 79 89

Email: levelup@klissarov.design

Instagram: @klissarov.design


How can I join your tailored mentorship program?
Simply drop me an email at levelup@klissarov.design and we can have a short exchange.
When can I join, are there any free spots?
I organise the mentorship around my client's work schedule therefore the only way to know if and when there are any free spots is to drop me an email at levelup@klissarov.design
Who is the mentorship meant for, who can enrol?
The mentorship is  open to anyone who has the passion and determination to level up their design game. You can be a newcomer interested in knowing more about the tricks of the trade and just have a peek at the design world. Or you can be a young design student who wants to improve their skills and land a job. You can also be an experienced designer who wants to have an input from a like minded creative and get useful advice on levelling up and climbing the corporate ladder. You can also come from another field like engineering or marketing and want to follow your artistic and creative passion for design. There are many profiles that can fit this mentorship program, the best way to find out is to send me an email at levelup@klissarov.design 
What exactly does “tailored” mean?
It means that I will adapt my teaching style including the speed, the level and the subjects we are going to cover with a focus on your particular needs and aspirations.
How do we connect during the mentorship sessions?
We can connect through Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts or Zoom. We can also connect through Gravity Sketch Collab which is very useful when discussing volumes, surfaces and proportions.
What tools, resources and software are we going to use?
It will depend on your needs and aspirations but generally we use traditional tools like pen and pencil on paper, we can use digital sketching/rendering on Procreate or Photoshop. We use Blender for the 3D work as well as rendering and animation alongside Gravity Sketch, if you have a VR headset. The AI instruments are evolving constantly, therefore we will adapt to what is most appropriate for our work.
Am I going to get a job at the end of your mentorship?
You might, it all depends on you actually. As one of my mentors used to tell me “ When there is a will, there is a way”. Most if not all of the students I have followed along are now working in remarkable positions within the design industry, they owe that achievement to their own efforts, belief and determination!
Are we going to focus more on product design or vehicle design ?
It depends on your preference and what you’d like to learn. Every subject has its specifics and they are all very interesting although the fundamentals of design apply to each and every one of them in the same way.
Why do you offer this mentorship in the first place?
I did really appreciate my experience with students and young designers as well as with interns. I believe there is a certain amount of knowledge and professional experience that I can pass along. I feel it is very exciting to be able to follow and help others to level up and feel empowered.
Are you still an active designer?
Yes, after many years working in house at various automotive design studios I am now facing different challenges leading an independent vehicle design studio. I still work for automotive brands but I diversify towards other types of vehicles and subjects. Being independent gives me the freedom to pursue the kind of work I want to be doing and it helps me to learn a lot by getting me out of my comfort zone.
Is it true that you travelled around the world?
Yes, in 2018 before moving to the south of France and starting my work with Mercedes-Benz I travelled around the world for 6 months. And in 2020, right during the pandemic, we travelled all around Europe in a Westfalia Van with my newborn child! For me exploring the world and building a diverse life experience is vital for fueling the creative passion and imagination.
What languages can you support?
I can conduct the mentorship in English, French, Bulgarian and German.
Where are you located, can we meet?
I am located in the south of France on the French Riviera between the city of Cannes and Antibes. Sure I am always open to meet like minded individuals and exchange ideas and experiences

© Emmanuel Klissarov 2023

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