Emmanuel infuses his yearning  in every product he is entrusted with designing, leading the end user to better relate at an emotional level. Life experiences fuel his creativity, inspiration and emotion. He aims for a perfect balance in the fusion of disruptive and balanced design solutions


Design Services

Emmanuel strives to build a strong client relationship through synergy, open and honest communications, state of the art and client tailored design solutions as well as bilateral trust.

01 - Research & Interrogation

Emmanuel brings the passion of a philomath in researching and understanding the task at hand, further enhancing his yearning for the project and contributing to more accurate design proposals.   


02 - Ideation & Exploration

Emmanuel brings a high end automotive design pace infused with state of the art design. Mastering traditional as well as digital design instruments, he investigates design solutions at their essence.

In the  form of rough sketches, these researches allow a rapid scanning of possible solutions with the aim of finding the most accurate one for the design brief.



03 - Design Development

Emmanuel brings a fresh eye and a unique automotive sensibility for styling and coherent design integration while pushing the boundaries of modernity. 

Whether joining in after an already started design process or following an ideation stage that he executed, the design development phase aims at further fine tuning the design and details of the selected design solutions. 


04 - CAD 3D Modeling

Emmanuel brings an invaluable automotive design sensibility for volumes, proportions and surfacing as well as the ability to accurately translate 2D in 3D. His solid automotive design experience comes handy in this critical stage of translating a 2D design into three dimensions while keeping the emotion and essence of the selected theme. The process can either be achieved in house or Emmanuel can act as a consultant following the process with third party suppliers.



05 - Rendering & Animation

Emmanuel brings cutting-edge visuals forged through a solid automotive experience and passion for entertainment design, mastering notions such as composition, focal point, camera position and motion as well as accurate environment integration. Whether the aim is to convince the end user or to sell the project to top management, state of the  art 3D renderings and animations expressing the product in the most attractive way possible are particularly effective.


06 - Physical Mockup

Emmanuel brings the experience of following the development of multiple design mockups in car design where the attention to detail is at the highest level. Regardless of the amount of visuals presented to top management or to potential clients, having a physical model of the product is paramount. It also helps to fine tune many aspects of its design.



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